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Voice Over IP, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint

Voice over IP is a new technology that can be extremely beneficial to businesses. Not only can it cut costs, but you can have remote offices with extensions on your main office network. For example, you could combine two offices together so employees can make intercom calls and transfers seemlessly across the network.

Additionally, a simple $90 dollar adaptor can allow you to receive your office calls at home. We have experience with Cisco, Multitech, Sipura and Linksys products, as well as the Asterisk Linux Open Source PBX from Digium. Our services are not limited to simple voip providers such as Vonage, but they include more advanced services such as implementing full pbx integration with Voice over IP.

Shared Printing & Document Management Systems

ADCOM Corp. has vast experience in configuring shared office printing, either with printers at local pc’s, or central printers. This includes printers such as HP JetDirect. We also have experience configuring larger office copier/printer/scanner systems from companies such as Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox. We can configure and instruct you on how to properly scan documents and organize them on your network.

Telephone PBX Systems & Integration
with New Technologies

We have experience configuring and maintaining office phone systems from Panasonic, Nortel, Toshiba, and Lucent. If you have an office telephone system which you need modified, configured or expanded, we can help.

Multiple Site Closed-Circuit TV Camera Systems
and Recorders

Closed Circuit TV is very common now that the prices on camera systems have come down. We offer a number of products and solutions for both Analog and Digital CCTV. These systems allow for the ability to digitally record upto 30 cameras, often on a single server. You would then be able to remotely access these cameras from home to view live feeds, or playback the history.

Staff Training

ADCOM Corp. can sit down with your staff and instruct them on various aspects of how to use and maintain the pc’s and servers on your network. We can teach the basic solutions to fix problems on your own, rather than having to schedule an immediate service call.
We can also instruct you on the best way to use your office applications, and how to design shared templates for your office documents.
Additionally, since backing up is so important, we instruct you on how to monitor and maintain your automated and manual backups.

Integration Consulting

Equipment integration can often help you save both time and money, given it is setup properly. This includes for example, sharing printers, data and voice among multiple sites. Additionally, having your telephone system ivr, closed circuit tv, alarm system, and voicemail in one place can help you manage time more efficiently.

Technology Consulting

There are a number of non-computer related technologies used in businesses which often need maintenance, or customers simple do not know how to properly make the most use of them. If you are having problems with your office mailing system for example, we can help you track them down.

Point-of-Sale Systems

We have experience with configuring and maintaining POS Systems for Restaurants and Service Businesses. This includes both hardware and software support. The most common problem with POS systems is that they are not properly maintained. In a high-dust or high-grease environment, failures often occur because of buildup of dust and grease inside the machine. We can make regular visits to clean out your terminals and systems to ensure proper operation.

Trading Systems

If you are a full-time trader, you know the importance of having your systems stay up and running. ADCOM Corp. has experience with Reuters/Quotron, Telerate, and a number of other high-end realtime quote & news systems. We have managed systems with over 100 terminals fed by copper, satellite, and fiber.

Unix/Linux Custom Software Support

ADCOM Corp. can help solve problems or make changes on a number of custom programming languages in linux, where the sources are available. This includes database driven applications run on SCO, BSD, and Linux.

T1/T3 Networking, Modem Banks,
and ISP Related Services

We have experience working closely with ISP’s to help them overall. This includes configuring modem banks, commercial access servers, customer integration applications, as well as simple things as punching down telephone lines. We are experienced with Cisco, 3com, lucent, and many other access products.




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