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We offer 1 hour consultations for office networks. Consultations are not complimentary, however if you decide to hire us after a consultation, you will receive a 1 hour credit on your next service. We can provide a short 20 minute telephone consultation for free, for new clients.

Payment Arrangements

Payment must be made on site at the end of a service call. We accept personal & business checks, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  We collect sales tax for clients in NY State.  For invoiced payments, customers must apply for a credit account, provide 2 references, and provide an on-file credit card.

On-Site Service

Westchester: $125/hour
1 hour minimum
No charge for travel
Queens & Manhattan: $125/hour
2 hour minimum
No charge for travel
Brooklyn & Upstate NY: $125/hour
2 hour minimum
$60/hour traveled each way
Western Connecticut: $125/hour
1 hour minimum
No charge for travel
Northern New Jersey: $125/hour
1 hour minimum
No charge for travel
Other States & Countries: $125/hour
8 hour minimum
All travel expenses paid by client
Travel time billable at a special rate
Deposit & service contract required

Off-Site Service

Telephone Support: First 20 minutes free, $75/hour thereafter
Web Design: $75/hour
Web Development
(Cold Fusion/ASP/E-Commerce):
Remote Administration
(Terminal Services/RDP):
Shopping, to pick up equipment, etc: $60/hour
if store is farther than 10 miles
No charge for local pickup
System repairs/upgrades off site: $75/hour

Service Plans & Contracts

All of our service plans are custom designed based on the customers needs. The average service plan is approximately $500/month. The advantage of service plans is that if you need assistance often, in the end you can save money since the hourly charge is reduced. Service plans are not unlimited, you get a fixed amount of hours per plan. Anything above the alloted time bills at the normal rate for the service performed, unless the contract is re-negotiated. Contracts can be terminated or modified, however we need at least 2 weeks notice beforehand.

It is suggested to have normal maintenance & repairs done at a local computer repair shop.
In Westchester, we highly suggest BITS and PCS Computer Store, 95 Croton Ave, Ossining NY 10562 Tel: 914-944-4085. Typical turn-around time is 2 -3 business days. Hours are 10am - 8pm, Monday through Friday.

There are also repair centers located in Mohegan Lake, Pleasantville, and Ardsley which we can recommend.




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