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Hardware Support

  • Changing Components
  • Upgrades
  • Case Cleaning
  • Connecting External Devices, such as Palm PDA's and Clie's
  • Managing External Storage
  • Installation of Backup Storage Systems
  • Managing Printers, Scanners and All-In-One Devices
  • Managing Custom Print Solutions, HP JetDirect, etc.
  • Network Testing, Diagnosis, Wiring and Installation

Software Support

  • Windows Updates
  • Office Updates
  • Installing Office Applications
  • Diagnosing issues with printing & custom applications
  • Removing un-necessary applications, spyware, and other 'garbage'

Software Installation & Troubleshooting

Quite often customers have applications which do not run as they are meant to. This can be because of native incompatibilities, drivers, installation problems, or simply limits of the software.  We have extensive knowledge of many business applications, not limited to, but including:

  • Windows & Windows Server (All Versions)
  • Linux (All Distributions)
  • Unix/Sco (Most Versions)
  • Microsoft Office Applications (All Versions, including OneNote)
  • Organizer Software (Palm's, ACT, Outlook, Etc)
  • Accounting Applications (Quickbooks, Quicken, Peachtree, MAS90, Custom Applications)
  • Accountant and Tax Preparations Software (Creative Solutions)
  • Office Management Applications
  • Custom Database Applications (MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL)
  • Web Applications (Cold Fusion, Microsoft Active Server Pages)

High-Speed Internet Setup & Support

We can configure all types of internet services. This includes settings up DSL/Cable, Frame Relay, T1, T3, Two-Way Satellite, Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Internet, and many other connection types.

We can advise you on the proper kinds of routers and security required for your particular setup. On the enterprise scale, we primarily work with Cisco equipment. On the home-user/small-office scale, we suggest using a variety of consumer level devices such as those provided by Linksys, Belkin, Buffalo Tech, and Netgear.

Network Installation, Maintenance, and Administration

Networks are the primary function of our technicians. We have experience in most areas of networking. Not only can we install and maintain networks, we can design them so that you can maintain them yourself. This usually includes issues such as monitoring backups, basic network troubleshooting, and general maintenance. Some areas where our experience is focused are:

  • Windows, Novell and Linux Networking
  • Shared printers & files
  • Microsoft Exchange and other mail systems
  • Switching and Hubs, all layers
  • Wireless devices, local and long distance, from 10 feet to 30 miles line of sight(802.11g/n)
  • High-Speed Routers
  • Small Office Networks (8-24 ports)
  • Large Scale Networks (100+ Ports)
  • Multiple tiered networks/spans
  • VLAN's, 802.11Q
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote Backups/Mirrors
  • Failover Systems
  • Network Data Libraries, SAN's
  • Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Networking
  • Cabling, including Category 6 runs, fiber runs
  • Network PBX systems, such as Cisco CallManager, Asterisk, Multitech and Panasonic

Network Diagnosis, Certification & Testing

We have the equipment and skills to diagnose problems on small and large networks.  We can test for issues on CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, COAX RG-6 Satellite & Cable, and Telephone.  We can also handle diagnosis of Fiber and Optical communications.  We use high-end professional certification and testing equipment to certify lines to the required speeds and technologies, including LAN-CAT and Validator products. 

Data Backup Systems, On-Site & Off-Site

We have experience setting up simple backup systems, such as external disks, and larger systems such as tape libraries and remote backup systems. We are familiar with backup software from Computer Associates, Cheyenne, and Seagate.

Virtual Private Networks

The most common VPN's we service are those using Microsoft Windows Server, however in high security circumstances we manage products from Cisco Systems and SonicWALL. We can also configure your office servers to allow secure remote access with Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix.

Virus Protection & Security Systems

Virus Protection and Security is of vital importance to many businesses. We can configure networks for server based antivirus such as Norton Corporate Antivirus, as well as hardware solutions.  We also have experience with high-security hardware firewalls, filters and proxy servers.

Database & Information Management Systems

Databases are a key element to the way most businesses operate. Many businesses could not operate properly without systems that handle call management, customer management, billing, and service requests. We have extensive knowledge of modifying both Windows and Linux/Unix based applications. This includes simple products such as Microsoft Access, as well as advanced applications written in Microsoft SQL. We also service and create web applications in Cold Fusion and Microsoft Active Server Pages.

Regular System Maintenance

System maintenance is vital for most businesses. Without regular cleaning, both hardware and software, computers can become cluttered with garbage and eventually fail. We can teach you basic maintenance functions to make sure your system is running as it should. A system failure can often cause a business to lose a lot of important data, and in most cases, cost more to fix than it would if basic procedures were in place. An example is a business that does not run backups, has a hardware failure, and needs to re-enter enourmous amounts of data in order to be back in business.

System Upgrades

Very often, system upgrades are necessary. This usually accounts for businesses growing, but can also be because a new technology has come out that a business wishes to take advantage of, such as Palm devices or wireless devices.

We can perform both hardware and software upgrades with ease, and suggest the best path for a business to take in order to save both time and money.  Upgrading to the latest cutting-edge technology is not always the smartest move.

New Installations

New installations are perhaps the simplest task for us to complete.  This is because we can have the proper starting point for configuring systems. A small office which migrates from a peer-to-peer system to a server-based system usually costs less than half in service calls than the cost of the hardware required. While we can supply hardware, it is often a good choice for the customer to purchase primary hardware from companies like Dell or Gateway.

All of our customers who have migrated to server based systems have noticed immediate improvements, and wished they had done so earlier. This usually gives the business systems more speed, and much more reliability. The average cost of a server for most businesses as of Spring 2005 is $2000 for a server(usually purchased by the customer), and $800 for the service to install the server and train the staff.

Website Design & Internet Services

ADCOM is capable of designing web sites and hosting, but most of our internet and web based services are in advanced areas.  This includes programming existing databases for web interaction. A common route is to allow data input, such as Information Requests to be entered from customers on the web and go directly into a database application for processing. 
We also design and maintain E-Commerce systems, order management systems, and customer information subsystems (such as those where a client can view his/her account or status on a web page). This is now a common direction that many businesses are using when they have customers with accounts who would wish to view details after hours.

Remote Administration

Remote administration and remote access is a very good way to solve problems. If a customer has internet access, we can perform many administrative processes and technical assistance remotely. This saves on having to make a service call, especially to remote areas. It can also be a cost-effective approach to system maintenance.

Remote access by employees to the corporate network is also one of our specialties. We can design and implement secure systems that allow employees to access the corporate network as if they were in the office.




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