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Our technicians have been servicing customers on-site in NY and CT since 1996. All of our technicians are highly skilled, and have a well-rounded skill abroad many technologies. From this experience, we can often help clients with not only their computer systems, but often their business phone systems and other appliances.

ADCOM Corp. has been servicing private homes and businesses since 1996. All of our technicians have at least 15 years of computer experience.

We initially started with one technician, and a secretary. We have grown to more than three technicians, with additional support staff. We also work with a number of local consultants and computer stores, to ensure that customers can always receive prompt service when necessary.

What we can do for your business
Our company provides complete information technology management that takes the worry out of implementation and maintenance of your computer needs.

A benefit is that we are happy to 'teach as we go', making customers understand why there is a problem, how we fixed it, and how to avoid any such trouble in the future.

Another key benefit, is that we provide telephone technical support. We do not charge for the first 20 minutes of a telephone call. This allows us to determine if it is possible to fix your problem in a few minutes, rather than having to schedule a service call only to fix a simple issue which the customer could have fixed.  If we correct your problem over the phone, it saves you money and time.

By allowing us to serve your business, we maintain your existing systems, advise you on upgrades to those systems, or demonstrate the benefits of incorporating the latest technology to streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency and reliability.

We show you how you can make the most of your existing equipment, rather than spending money on additional equipment that may not even do what you are looking for. This can save valuable money and time.

We offer complete on-site and off-site customer support that even includes training to use this technology effectively.

Our support will give business owners peace of mind in knowing their technology needs are completely met, allowing them more time to focus on business growth and getting their work done effectively and efficiently.




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